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Everything You've Done Wrong

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Everything You've Done Wrong - Newsies AU Universe
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Everything You've Done Wrong is a Newsies AU fanfic (named for a Sloan song, and riddled with Sloan references, at that) which was first posted to FFnet in August of 2003. Most of it was written in the next six months, and edited/posted for the next two and a half years. It was written by queenitsy (better known as B) and funkiechick (known universally as Funkiechick).

At some point, the whole thing veered wildly out of control and began to take over B's and Funkie's lives. For real. Not only were the working on the story, but the characters grew lives of their own. Even as they began to plot a prequel, the characters started spinning out their own stories about what happened later in their lives. All of this was too ginormous and complex for the authors' in question to try and write down coherently, so instead they began writing short snippets to amuse each other, and continued to work on the prequel. At this point, though it's still based on an AU fanfiction, it hardly feels like it; the more extended the universe gets, the less the stories have to do with Newsies and its characters.

Now that the final chapter of the original fic has been posted, they've (er, we've) realized we can't leave well enough alone. So this community is for us to post that nonsense, since LJ is much more formatting friendly than FFnet.