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sad lizard jackson just wants a friend [userpic]
Take Good Care of the Poor Boy
by sad lizard jackson just wants a friend (queenitsy)
at July 30th, 2012 (11:34 pm)

Take Good Care of the Poor Boy
(Chapter 14, continued)

"Jack!" Denise said, halting Jack as he put his hand on the doorknob.

"Yes, Mom?" Jack sighed.

"I believe," she said firmly, "that you are grounded."

"Busted," Sean laughed, following Denise into the room.

"Mo-om!" Jack whined. "I'm just going over to drive David over to pick up his friends. He's worried about it."

"Jack," she repeated.

"He's stressing out that they won't get along with everyone," Jack continued. "He wanted them to meet me first so they won't be totally overwhelmed."

Denise raised an eyebrow.

"Also because he can't get his dad's car for the night, and he doesn't want his friends to have to take the bus."

Denise waited.

"Please, Mom? I'll just drop them off at Blink's and then I'll come right home. No partying, I swear."

She stared.

"Okay, I was going to go to the party, just a little bit... but I won't!"

She stared.

"Please, Mom?"

"Oh, stop whining. You got yourself into this mess," Denise answered, but at Jack's pleading look relented. "You can drive David and his friends around, but no time at the party. Period."


"No buts! Now scat, and I won't hesitate to drop by the party and make sure you aren't there, so come right home."

Jack grumbled and started off.

Sean gave him a smarmy grin. "I'll drink eight beers in honor of your absence."

"Go die."

"'I have to go pick up my Davey...'"

"I didn't call him that!"

"Okay okay, enough of this," Denise said. "Just get going. Jack, you and I can rent a movie or something, I won't make your evening a complete loss. And if David gets sick of the party, he can come too."

Jack rolled his eyes and kissed his mom on the cheek. "Okay. Spot, lets go."

"Don't call me that."

"Have fun, Sean, don't be out late," Denise said, settling into the couch and pulling out a magazine. "You're on the clock, Jack."

"Yeah, yeah..."

Sean glanced at Denise, flipping through her magazine, and then at Jack, grumbling as he opened the door and slumped down the pavement towards the car. Sean stopped in the doorway for a moment, then said, "Haveagoodnight," before shutting the door behind him.

He saw Denise glance up just as he closed the door.

"This is fucking ball," Jack moaned, waiting for Sean at the van. "I've been waiting for this fucking party forever, and Sarah and I finally made up..."

"Your voice is just the most fucking irritating sound I've ever heard," Sean said swiftly, opening the door and making himself at home in shotgun.

"Yes, and swearing every second word is so original," Jack grumbled.

"Let's hurry up and pick up your stupid friends," Sean said, with a grin.

"They're not my friends, David is my friend." Jack pulled out of the driveway. "Rich kids are the worst, this is gonna be brutal."

"Why the hell should you care what they think? They're just some fucking snobs."

"Well... Davey likes them," Jack admitted. "And he's always hidden me from them before, I know he has."

"I wonder why the hell that could be." Sean snorted, as Jack pulled up at David's house and a minute later, David and Sarah both hurried out. Jack kissed Sarah quickly before announcing that it hadn't worked, and his mom wouldn't let him go to the party after all. She scowled, but when he said that David had been invited over to watch a movie, she glowered even harder.

"Queer," she snapped at David.

"Whore," David answered, and let himself into the van.

"Don't call her a whore," Jack sighed, as he pulled away.

"Jack, she cheated on you... and, anyway, she's my sister. I'll call her what I want." David glanced at Sean. "Sean, don't kill my friends, okay?"

"Give me a good reason not to."

David sighed. "Look, I just... urg... Sean, you can't... Jack, make him behave."

"Like I can make Sean do anything," Jack scoffed.

"Yeah, that's right," Sean answered, smug. "You're both my bitches."

David ignored him. "Jack, I can't believe you won't even be there! I was really counting on you..."

"Well, I didn't mean to get grounded," Jack mumbled.

"Don't be stupid, next time!" David snapped. "Caught bringing pot to school, honestly, Jesus."

"I didn't mean to..." Jack trailed off.

Sean snorted and stared out the window, letting David and Jack's bickering fade away. He was feeling kind of horny and was in kind of a good mood after his session that afternoon, which had never happened before... He thought momentarily about giving Dutchy another go, since he was pretty sure no one else gay would be there (except Blink, who didn't count) and he wasn't willing to even consider screwing around with a girl again.

But still, as they drove, Sean had that nagging feeling. He kind of wanted to get laid.

And there was something else. A weird feeling, in his lower belly. It was like, a total, impending hard on. As if his dick was just waiting for something. Which was kind of weird.

"So, gonna molest Dutchy again?" Jack asked. "Because honestly? He's so jittery, I should warn you, I think he'd come all over the place."

"JACK!" Sarah said with a shriek. "That is gross!"

"That is gross," David agreed.

"You been messing around with Dutchy lately?" Sean asked Jack, who flipped him the bird.

"No, but since you two hooked up, it's like, made him more horny. Like, more is worse for him."

"Ugh, Jackass, how long is picking up these rich fucks gonna take?"

"Sean..." David said weakly. Sean gave him a grin.

"Is Tony bringing any friends?" Sarah asked.

Jack gave her a dangerous look. "Why do you wanna know?"

"Because," Sarah said shrewishly, "I don't like his friends."

"That better be the reason..."

"Jack, I apologized!"

"Don't listen to her, Jack."

"Fuck off, Sean!"

"Eat me, whore."

"I don't eat diseased, moldy meat, asshole."

"You'd better not be eating anyone else's meat..." Jack muttered.

"Can we not discuss Sarah eating anything?!" David whined. "Ew."

"Yeah, for Christ's sake," Sean muttered. "Ew."

Sarah glowered at Sean, Sean stared out the window, and Jack drove, taking directions from David. Half an hour later, they pulled up outside a house with a spacious lawn, a picket fence, and several expensive looking cars in the driveway. One was a bright red convertible, which Sean stared at lustfully. He wanted a car, any car, but a car like that... well, it was just sexy.

He shifted in his seat. Dutchy or someone else, he was going to have to do something to relieve this frustration.

"I'll just go ring the bell and, uh, be right back," David said, and hurried out of the van. When he returned a few minutes later, it was with two other boys.

Sean looked at them both in turn, the darker skinned one first. He was average height, with a sweet looking face, light brown skin, puppy dog eyes, and tight curls. And judging by his posture, his outfit, the way he walked, and a million other details, he was incredibly, incredibly gay. Maybe even as gay as Blink. If that was even possible.

Then Sean turned his gaze to the other boy.

Sean felt his mouth drop open, a little, not out of shock, but by pure, uncensored lust.

The boy was clearly Italian, with sharp cheekbones, black spiked hair, and eyes so brown they seemed black. He had some light freckles across his nose, and wore a tight shirt and rich-looking black tailored pants.

This was a very, very hot, very, very well built Italian.

And when Sean remembered to start hearing again, once he regained senses other than sight and horniness, he heard his name.

"Yeah, it's a dirty old van, Tony, get over it."

'Tony' sneered as he pulled open the door, nodded his head for Sean to move over, and took a seat next to Sean.


"Okay, guys," David said, sitting down in the very back next to Michael, or whoever the guy who wasn't Tony was. "Mikey, Tony, you know my sister Sarah," Sarah didn't look totally enthused to be seeing Tony again, but she smiled at Michael, "and that's Sean and, uh, Jack."

"Oh, so this is your mysterious lover, up close and personal," Michael said, smiling broadly.

"Shut up!" David squawked.

"So they noticed you're gay, too," Sean muttered.

"It's kind of obvious," Michael said. Sean glanced at him again. Michael was clean cut and just... pleasant. Perfect for Blink, sure. But kind of dull, really.

Not like (Sean licked his lips just thinking the name) Tony.

Tony hadn't said a word yet. He stared out the window, looking bored, then asked, "There's gonna be booze, right?"

"You drink?" Sean asked.

Tony looked at Sean for the first time, his half-bored, half-disdainful expression never wavering. "I don't drink anything domestic," Tony answered finally.

Sean snorted. "Good luck at this party, pure fucking PBR all the way."

"Ught, why?" Tony snorted.

"Because it's cheap," Sean answered.

"Figures," Tony snapped back.

Sean bristled. Tony was a complete and total snob, with an attitude that Sean could almost smell over Tony's vastly overpriced aftershave, and it all combined to make an already hot guy even hotter. Sean really found that he wanted to pin Tony against the car seat then and there, and fuck until Tony dropped the attitude and his hair was deliciously messed up.

Sean blinked.

Definitely horny.

Now the million dollar question... Did Tony fuck boys?

"So how long will this drive take?" Tony asked.

"You have your snooty voice on," Michael said.

"If you didn't live all the fucking way across town..." Jack muttered.

"Stop complaining," David scolded.

"Nerd," Jack snapped.

"Yeah," Tony said. "You're a nerd, Davey."

"David is not a nerd," Jack snarled, even though he's the one who'd just said so.

Tony raised an eyebrow, smirking, and Sean just about came right there. He turned to Tony and asked, "What are you, then? Nerd? Snob? Fag?" Sean asked.

Tony shot him such a defensive look that Sean kind of laughed. "I'm not gay."

"Ah," Sean said. Denial. "So, how much did you say you like to drink?"

"I didn't."

"Then, by all means, indulge me."

It was at this point that the rest of the car seemed to catch on to what exactly was on Sean's mind. Jack slowly glanced at Sean, with such a dangerous look that he forgot to stop at a red light and was thus honked at for a good ten seconds as he Jack shot his head back forward and gained control of the situation.

"'Cause there'll be a shit load of booze," Sean continued. "But I doubt you rich fucks can handle it."

"Try me, you scrawny, pasty, poor piece of shit," Tony snapped. Sean smiled then. He had a temper.

This was amazing.

"I'll have to see it to believe it," Sean said.

"Sean," Jack and David both said, clearing their throats.

"What? I'm trying to get to know Tony over here."

Tony snorted. "Why? I don't give handouts to scrawny assholes."

"Who wants your fucking charity?" Sean snapped. "All I'm saying is, for a little man, you sure fucking talk big."

"Tony, please don't get too trashed," David sighed.

"Are you kidding? I want this whole fucking night to be a blur by the time I get home."

"Then why bother coming?" Sean asked, secretly pleased he got to say 'coming' to Tony. "You can't get smashed on your imported beer all alone?"

"I'd much rather get smashed on my imported beer all alone, actually," Tony answered icily. "I'm here as a favor to Michael and David."

"Yeah?" Sean challenged.

"Yeah. Why the fuck else would I want to party with the guys who're going to be gassing up my car in five years?"

Sean was suddenly sure the gorgeous car in the driveway had been Tony's. But what he said aloud was, "At least my daddy won't be buying my way into a job while my mommy still packs my lunches."

Then Tony, seemingly reacting without thinking, reached across the seat and shoved Sean, hard, against the door of the car. "Don't talk about my family, asshole," he said icily.

Sean just smiled. Like, actually smiled. And said smoothly, "So we can't talk about your rich mom and dad, but you can run your little pretty mouth off about how little money we have?"

"Listen--" Tony said dangerously.

"So did your mom buy you that fag perfume?"

"I'm straight," Tony snarled.

"Oh, I bet, that's a really straight little outfit you got on." Sean ran his eyes down Tony's body as obviously as he could, and was quite turned on by the way Tony was squirming in place but trying to pretend he wasn't.

He straitened his back and shoulders and glared at Sean. "It's called 'style'."

"Yes, for fags."

Jack snorted in the front seat. Sarah, in the meantime, glad to have switched shotgun with Sean when they picked up David and her, turned back and said, "You aren't gay?" to Tony, in a very innocent voice.

But she wasn't fooling anyone, and was clearly sour about Tony's remarks about their wealth. Or lack thereof.


"He's not," Michael sighed. "Believe me..."

"Whassat mean, Mushy?" Tony asked, in an entirely different voice.

Sean kind of liked him better when he sounded mean. But the nice voice wasn't so bad either.

David snorted and Michael sighed. "Nothing, Tony," Michael said lightly. "Just that you're not gay."

"Goddamn right I'm not."

"You, on the other hand," Sarah said, twisting in her seat to regard Michael. "You're as flaming as Blink."

"That's what David told me," Michael agreed. "I don't know what it means, but whoever he is, I hope he's pretty."

"He's a pansy," Sean snorted.

"As scrawny as you?" Tony asked sharply.

"You like what you see?" Sean asked back, smirking. "For a straight boy, you look awfully interested."

"Don't be disgusting," Tony answered. "I'm not gay."

"I am!" Michael said cheerfully, interrupting the simmering fight. Sean seethed inwardly. The more Tony protested, the more Sean was convinced that Tony was completely and totally gay.

"Yes, Michael, you're very gay." Tony rolled his eyes. "Dave, you said you found him a piece of ass, right? Because I cannot take his whining any more!"

"I have a friend who he might--"

"Blink will see him, blow his load right there, wrap himself around the poor fairy's ankles and never let go," Sean interrupted.

"That's disgusting," Tony said.

"And probably accurate," Jack said. "I mean, I love Blink and all..."

"Not like you love David," Sean smirked.

"Shut the hell up, Spot," Jack snapped. But Sean wasn't paying attention, he glanced over at Tony instead. And Tony looked mildly amused.

Michael sighed dramatically and turned to Sean. "Is this boy pretty?" he asked.

Sean made a face. "No! I mean..." He grumbled. "His hair is okay. His ass is okay. Whatever. Blink's okay. Ught."

"Why are you shuddering if he's 'okay'?" Tony quoted. "Dave wouldn't hook Mushy up with someone not good enough."

"Because he's Blink," Sean said. "You have to meet him to get it."

"Oookay," Tony said, and leaned back against the seat. "Jesus, Dave, are we there yet? How fucking long is this trip?"

"Not much further," David said. "Not much further till this aaaall starts."

"What's with you?" Jack asked.

"I have a weird feeling."

"Like, 'Jack is gonna do something stupid' weird, or 'something major is gonna happen to Davey tonight' weird, or--"

"Oh god, shut up, Jackass," Tony said.

Jack turned and gave Tony such a furious look that Tony's wince was almost noticeable. "Only people I like are allowed to call me that."

"He likes you, he really likes you," Sarah said dully to Sean.

"Is it hard, your grace, that your boyfriend wants to stick it in your brother's ass?"

"Is Crazy talking?" Sarah asked Jack. "I just hear a gay lisp."

"I don't wanna stick it in Davey!" Jack whined.

"Who do you wanna stick it in?" Spot said smoothly to Tony.

Tony inched away. "Someone far away from you, you fag, shut up."

"Defenses are up," Spot grinned.

"He has this slut he likes," David muttered.

"Ugh, total slut," Mush agreed, sounding oddly bitter.

"I don't like her," Tony shrugged. "I just wanna bone her."

"What do you see in her?" Mush asked angrily.

"She's a slut," Tony said again. "I don't see anything in her. I want to have sex with her. In fact, if I wasn't here tonight, I'd be having sex with her, so you freaking owe me!"

"You would not," David said, shaking his head. "You'd get to second base and pussy out again."

"Dave!" Tony hissed angrily, as the rest of the van burst into laughter. Sean was pleased, though, because Tony immediately turned a glare to him.

"So you're a pussy," Sean said, smirking. "Or a fag?"

"I'm not--"

"Or both," Sean said.

"Fuck you!" Tony yelled. "Unlike some people, I can get some whenever the hell I want, so I don't need to fuck every ho I run into."

"You run into a lot of hoes, there, stallion?" Sean asked.

"You ever met a Catholic school girl?" Tony asked, raising an eyebrow. Most of his cool was back. He smirked, and Sean felt that urge to rip his clothes off again.

"Catholic school girls?" David repeated. "Like your sisters?"

The atmosphere got thunderous. "SHUT. UP."

"Oh, your sisters are all so stunning in their own little ways..." Mush said with a deep sigh.

"Isabella is terrifying," David said bluntly.

"Yes, but her neck..."

"Stop it, Mush," Tony snapped.

"This is pure homosexual admiration for grace and beauty," Mush said in an irritated tone.

"I don't want to hear anything about my sisters' necks."

"More denial?" Spot ventured.

Tony turned very serious all of a sudden. "Shut the fuck up."


"My sisters are off fucking limits for all fucking jokes!"

"You make jokes to them..." David reminded.

"Shut the hell up, Davey."

"Look at the mood you have put him in," Mush said to Spot. "You're poison! Good looking poison, but poison."

Spot sneered. "You ain't my type."

Mush snorted. "Please. I like meat on my men. I also like my men to resemble men."

Spot narrowed his eyes. It was one thing that the people he knew and had, he admitted grudgingly, come to sort of be friends with, joked with him...but not some pretty boy rich fag. "Shut your goddamn mouth, cocksucker," he snarled, and started to reached back to shove him. Not hard, just enough to get the message across.

But at the same moment, Mush winced and Tony wrapped a hand around Sean's arm and yanked. "Touch him and you're a fucking dead man," he snarled.

Sean was both enraged and incredibly turned on. He didn't doubt for a second that Tony would get into a fistfight with him without a second thought...which was kind of erotic, in an unhealthy way. Tony, a little bit sweaty and bloodied up, maybe with a ripped shirt, putting his hands on Sean's body... Yes, hot. And since Sean was sure that he'd win in the fight, he'd get to pin Tony down and maybe tear off his clothes...

Good fucking god, this kid was making him horny. In an obsessive way. And he'd only known him for about twenty minutes.

But he did have a reputation to keep up. He turned his death glare on and looked down at Tony's hand on his arm. "Move your hand, or I'll break every one of your fingers," he said in his lowest, deadliest voice.

To Tony's credit, he didn't flinch. He waited another few seconds, then let go slowly, a finger at a time. But he added, "So much as look at him again and I'll kill you." His accent had become gloriously thick.

Sean snorted, but before he could say anything, David spoke up. "Sean, please. Michael's had a really rough week, okay?"

Sean glanced back at Michael and was pretty sure he could see some fading bruises behind expertly applied foundation. He snorted. "Whatever you say, Princess," he muttered disdainfully.

"Thank you," David muttered.

The next ten minutes were fairly quiet, with David and Mush making light conversation along the way.

Finally, they slowed down next to Blink's battered house with its hammock on the front lawn, half of it not even hanging from a tree. Sean was reminded briefly of one of his foster homes, and thought to himself that he would not have a good night unless he was loaded or having sex.

His eyes drifted to Tony...who sneered at him.

The more Tony was a dick, the more Sean just wanted to nail him.

"Well, here we are," David said. "Do I have to give the 'be nice' talk, or are you all going to not be eight years old?"

"It depends on if you'll not be a total fairy," Sean said.

"Shut. Up!" Tony snapped.

"Make me."

"Eight years old it is..." David sighed. "Let's just go and have a good time and not kill each other, okay?"

No one said anything as they filed out of the car. Sean deliberately hung back, so he could slump behind Tony and watch him walk. And he did. And he grinned. And enjoyed the view.

They slumped in the door and stopped. Tony looked around, sneering at the drab insides of Blink's house. It was shabby, with a stained rug, faded couches, and frayed curtains. It was also slightly full – all the alternative and emo kids were there. No jocks or popular kids, obviously, as Sean had predicted, but it was a pretty high turn out. Of course because Blink's dad wasn't there. Unsupervised parties were the best.

"Whoa, hey, everyone!" Blink yelled, pushing through the crowd towards them. "Five bucks." He stood in front of them, surprisingly daunting.

"Excuse me?" Tony said.

"For the booze," Blink said. "C'mon, it's not a lot, but I've gotta recoup something on this."

"PBR?" Tony said. "Why not just serve fucking tap water and save the money you so obviously need?"

Blink looked a little stricken. Sean licked his lips. Tony was so good at being an asshole. Like he'd practiced. Like in some way, maybe he was a kindred spirit to Sean, who had made asshole-ness into an art form. What a delightful thought.

"Tony," Michael sighed, pushing up to stand next to him. "Don't be a dick, okay, just pay and..." He trailed off. He and Ryan were now face to face.

Sean blinked, watching them. It was like something out of a movie, even he could swear that the lights and the music went dim as their eyes met. Michael had gone silent and Blink had forgotten how to speak.

Sean was just about to interrupt with a snide comment, when Michael finally stammered, "I...I'll pay for him," and reached for his wallet.

"No, no, don't, you come...you can come in free. Both. I...you can just come in. Yeah. Come...in..."

"Yeah, come in, we get it," Sean snapped, pushing his way into the room.

"You have to pay," Blink answered, but he hadn't looked away from Michael.

Sean snorted. "Yeah, that'll happen never." He walked on, and Blink didn't stop him, or Tony, who followed. He smirked, pleased. "Beer's this way, dickhead," Sean added, to make sure he'd keep following.

Sean glanced over his shoulder, at Tony, then past Tony, sneaking a look at Blink and Michael. Who were still staring. He raised an eyebrow.

"One-Eye your boyfriend or something?" Tony asked.

"Jealous?" Sean said swiftly, grabbing a beer from a small boy with glasses and sauntering on, taking a huge sip.

"Get your own drinks," Tony snapped.

"Don't like bullies?" Sean said, turning around and grinning at Tony, finishing off his beer in one more large gulp.

"You're probably the biggest dick I've ever met, and I know a ton of dicks."

"I bet you know dicks."


Sean cut him off by grabbing two more drinks from some girl passing by, neither of whom said anything after Sean glared. Sean considered one cup and glanced at Tony. "Want?" Tony paused, before yanking the cup out of Sean's hand and knocking it back...though he wasn't as good at is as Sean was. He coughed and some beer dribbled out of his mouth.

"Sexy," Sean said.

"I don't care what you think," Tony sneered.

"Can't seem to handle your alcohol."

"I can handle it fine."

Sean. "Right."

"I can."

Sean grinned. "Whatever, Tony." And he walked away, pretty sure Tony was watching him. He didn't say anything, though. Scoring with Tony would mean not freaking him out, so he had to play it a little cooler. So when Sean grabbed an untouched six pack and took a spot at the wall to lean on, near where the door opened to the garage, he wasn't surprised when Tony joined him. "So now we're hanging out? Best buddies?"

Tony smirked meanly. "It's cause you have beer, fuckhead. Give me one."

Sean started to say that there was a lot he was going to give Tony, but instead dropped the six pack on the counter, then pulled the plastic rings connecting them off. "Help yourself. Try not to throw up."

Tony yawned. "Fine. You wanna fuck with me? Shotgun contest."

Sean raised a steady eyebrow. "I'm not doing that."

"Scared? No money to bet with on the winner?" Tony sent a critical eye to Sean's jeans. "Not surprised."

"I've got forty bucks in my wallet." It was the rest of his stolen money. Damn expensive cigarettes. "I'll bet it. I just don't want to be around a drunken mess all night." Sean considered Tony's height. "You don't look like you can hold a lot of it in you."

"Forty bucks is pocket change," Tony snarled, and dug out his wallet. He dropped two twenties on the counter. Sean followed suit. He reached for the first beer and so did Tony. "Cheers," he said. "And...go."

He wasn't paying a lot of attention to Tony as they keyed their beers and knocked their heads back. It was messy. But Sean was proud, and even if the game was stupid, he was going to win.

But Tony seemed to be a seasoned player, and when they dropped their empty cans, both looking wet and slightly out of breath, Tony had a huge grin on his face.

Not that Sean was angry he lost. Tony had a kind of nice smile.

"Not bad, for a rich fuck," Sean said, pushing his money closer to Tony.

Tony wiped his mouth, his eyes on Sean. "Best out of three?"

Sean snorted. "Are you serious?"

Tony didn't look like he was joking, just raised an eyebrow.



"No, I'm having a good time," Sarah said waspishly. "I wanna stay."

"I can't stay," Jack said. "You know that."

"That's your fault, not mine. I don't have to do everything with you."

"I'm not asking you to!" Jack exclaimed, running his hands through his hair and darting his eyes around, as if searching for a way out of an argument. "YOU'RE the one who always talks about how we never spend any time together. This way we could go to my place--"

"I dressed up!" Sarah stamped her foot. "I'm wearing my most uncomfortable bra and my most uncomfortable shoes!"

"Then you can come back to my place and take them off."

"No! That isn't the point!"

Jack stared at her. "That makes absolutely zero sense. Davey!" David had been trying to sneak by them, and was spotted by Jack, who was always completely aware of David's presence. "Talk some sense into the brat, okay?"

"Keep calling me brat, I'll be dying to go home with you," Sarah said, narrowing her eyes.

David looked at Jack. "She wore her shoes, she won't go home after she's put those on."

"But she says they're uncomfortable," Jack said.

"I think that's the point."

"Ha!" Sarah cheered. "I'm gonna go drink. Bye." She patted Jack's shoulder and sauntered off, aware of how nice her chest looked.

Jack glowered after her. "I asked her nicely..."

David looked at Jack staring after his sister, and for some reason felt red when he asked, "I'll come with you, okay Jack?"

Jack smiled at David. "That's even better."


They started off together, but David paused, looking at Tony and Sean. They were arguing and drinking, and vaguely wet; he was pretty sure he heard the word 'drum' yelled across the room, and let out a breath. Okay, so if they were arguing about that, it meant that Tony was being a bitch, but not a total bitch. He was okay. But still...

Mush and Blink were standing quietly, speaking awkwardly. He hated to interrupt them, but... "Mush," he said, stopping. "You two getting along?"

Mush blushed and said, "We, um, were just talking about...um...shopping."

"Wow, that's pretty gay." He grinned at them. "Have fun, you two. I'm heading..."He sighed and nodded at Jack. "But, look, Mush, when you're ready to go, drag Tony over to my place so I can drive you guys home. But if you could check on him once or twice..."

"Yeah, no problem." Mush was still grinning stupidly.

"Okay." He glanced at Blink, and sighed. "Blink, don't let Sean hurt him, okay?"

"Uh huh," Blink said distractedly. And David saw how Blink's eye stayed firmly on Mush as Mush twisted slightly to wave goodbye.

"There's my good deed for the year," he murmured, as he and Jack walked away.

"So distracted they didn't even make a gay joke," Jack agreed.

Behind them, Mush and Blink were still talking.

"So. Um. That... Tony guy? You...you said you would pay for him, but, like...I mean, is he here with you?"

"Yeah." Mush paused. "I mean, no, shit, no! He's just my friend! We're not...He's straight, and I don't think like that about him!"

"You don't?" Blink smiled, looking relieved.

"I...don't." Mush tried it out, not liking the lie. But he paused, and looked into Blink's face. Into Blink's eye, at his smile. And he realized abruptly that he couldn't even remember Tony's last name at the moment, and that he knew for absolute sure that he was about to start the rest of his life. "I don't!" Mush said again, cheerfully.

"Oh...good. Because, honest to god, I think if you said he was your boyfriend, I might kill myself or something." Blink shrugged. "I mean, it's so hard to even meet another gay kid my age...and I just lucked out and met this totally gorgeous, awesome, wonderful boy, and...if you were already taken, I'd die."

"I'm so very, very single," Mush assured him, and tentatively reached out to brush a hand against Blink's neck. Blink sighed happily.

Blink and Mush stared at each other for a long time. Smiling stupidly. And maybe it was because the music on the stereo changed tracks to a slower, softer melody, and maybe it was because some people in the room filed out to look for a missing six pack, but as the music flowed around them, Mush and Blink leaned forward as one and kissed.

And Mush forgot about every time he wanted Tony to notice him, and every mean
thing the jocks said, and how he was bruised and humiliated.

And Blink forgot that his dad wasn't home, that he had a ridiculous eye patch, and how he suddenly wasn't nervous if he was a good kisser or not.


Tony took a deep breath in, and slumped his head on the table in front of him. Sean grinned. "Wow, can't take your booze."

"Eight's too much for ANYBODIES!" Tony shouted. He had shouted more and more as he consumed more beer.

"Not me," Sean said, though he kept a firm grip on the table in case he teetered. But he wasn't loaded.

At least, not like Tony was.

"Ugnn..." Tony muttered, unable to control it. Sean looked around the room, and saw Michael and Blink kissing. He wrinkled his nose.

"Oh fuck, I'll never hear the end of that shit."

"Wha?" Tony said.

"Your boyfriend is kissing a cyclops."


Sean snorted in irritation, grabbed Tony's face, and wheeled it around to face the two idiots. "Woo!" Tony yelled. "Get some, Mushee!"

Sean grimaced in annoyance, and the couple looked up at them, startled. They had a hushed, quick conversation, and hurried over. As Mush asked Tony, "Are you drunk?" Blink grabbed Sean's arm and dragged him away.

"What the hell do you--"

"Sean," Blink snapped, interrupting. "Look at those two."

Sean looked. Mostly at Tony. But okay, Mush was now kind of fawning on the guy, trying to make sure he was okay. Tony lilted to the side and almost fell; Mush caught him and steadied him.


"So that's his best friend who I think he used to have a thing for."

"So? Failing to see how this concerns me, one-eye."

"So!" Blink growled. "So he's going to keep running over here to check on him if he thinks you're going to, like, hurt him. So promise me you won't."

"Oh, I don't want to hurt him." Sean leered. "Well, maybe he'll be a little sore."

"Oh, no." Blink groaned. "Sean, please. Please promise you'll leave him alone."

"I'm not even doing anything. He got himself drunk," Sean smirked.

"If you do something, then I'll...I'll..." He glowered. "I'll lose whatever shot I might have, and this guy is perfect. He's sweet and gorgeous and gay and he smells like mint and raspberry, and I really, really, really need him to at least ask for my number, and if he's distracted worrying about Tony he won't, so I NEED you to say YES and look over at them and nod like you give a shit and will do what I asked."

Sean started to tell him to fuck off, but saw Mush look over at him and smiled, then turn back to Tony quickly. And Sean realized that if he was going to get to spend any more time with Tony, alone, he'd need Mush out of the way. So he nodded, and did it again when Mush looked over again. "Whatever you say, buddy."

Blink blinked. "Buddy?"

"Just fuck off. Take the fairy and go get laid."

Blink looked torn between wanting to agree and wanting to object that his motive was pure, but finally just said, "Don't traumatize him, okay?"

"Whatever. Go away now."

And he went, walking over to take Mush's arm and pull him away.

Leaving no one between Sean and Tony.


In the living room, Jack was singing along to Paradise By the Dashboard Light, which was playing on the stereo.

David laughed. "This song is ridiculous. And the fact you own a Meatloaf CD is more ridiculous."

"If by ridiculous you mean awesome!" Jack bellowed.

"You sure you don't mind me being here? You didn't have your heart set on..." David shuddered. "You know, with my sister?"

"Nah." Jack shrugged. Then smiled at him. "Ah-let me sleeep on it!"

"Please don't sing along."

"Sing with me."

"Let's please be more gay."

"But don't dance."


Jack laughed. "You're like, the worst dancer I've ever seen in my entire life."

David snorted. "Bit rich, coming from you."

"I got mad pelvic skills," Jack said confidently.

"Please don't demonstrate them to me."

"I'm kind of glad I'm not at a party," Jack said, bobbing his head. "We can watch movies with Mom or something. You, me, Mom. There. Perfect." Jack smiled.

Sometimes, David observed, Jack was so boyish. Like the childhood he missed was happening in little two-second spurts of happiness.

"Yes. Perfect. Okay. I'm not a bad dancer."

"You're the worst."



Dutchy walked in like he owned the party. This felt good. It felt right. He was going to get laid. Nevermind the fact that his nose had been bleeding earlier, he actually felt happy. Even if he knew it was just the cocaine. He really didn't give a shit. He didn't feel good when he wasn't high, and the worst thing that happened when he was? Bloody nose, so why the hell shouldn't he just get high?

He grabbed a napkin and wiped the left over, dried blood from his face, picked up a beer, and looked around. A hot dark haired chick was standing by herself, looking kind of lost. "Dutch to the rescue," he said to himself, and walked over to her. "Hey, you." He grinned and she looked over at him and smiled.


"You look lonely."

She shrugged. "None of my friends showed up. Just me."

"Ooooh, that sucks. But I tell you what, I'll be your friend for the night." He leaned down to look at her better. "My name's Dutchy."

"Kirsten, and I think you're in my math class," she answered, but before it could get further than that, someone grabbed his elbow. He started to snap in irritation, but stopped when he saw Itey.

"Gaaaaabe," he said instead. "What's up? You getting laid tonight, bud?"

"Ught, Dutch." He made a face. "I'm not like you."

"Like what?" Kirsten asked, suddenly suspicious.

"Like..." Itey trailed off guiltily, but she gave Dutchy a huffy look.

"I'm out of here," she snapped and stalked off.

"Thanks a lot." He pouted. "Now you have to have sex with me to make up for it."

"Nooo, it doesn't work like that," Itey said.

"But it should," Dutchy said, and pinched Itey's ass.

"Ow! Dutch! Hands to yourself!"

"I'm so horny tonight, Itey, you have no idea. I wanna get laaaaaid." He put an arm around Itey's shoulder. "Let's find us some chicks, man."

Itey made a strangled noise.

Dutchy grinned. Somewhere inside, he knew he was driving Itey away, but he was high enough that it didn't matter at the moment. And when he dragged Itey towards a pair of girls, a redhead and her brunette friend, he didn't squirm away.

So it was all good.


Blink led Michael out to the back stoop. It faced his shabby back yard, with other, equally shabby yards around it. It was a little embarrassing. Michael was obviously wealthy, he probably had never seen a house so crappy before.

"It's such a nice night," Michael sighed, and leaned close to Blink. "Maybe a tiny bit chilly."

"We can go back in--" But then he realized Michael meant it purely as an excuse to put their arms around each other. He did so, obligingly. It really was a little chilly out; it was only the beginning of March. Still winter, really. "So," Michael said. "Um. I...I have something to say."

"What's that?"

"You'll laugh at me...."

"Never." Blink knew it was true, too.

"You're the first boy I ever kissed."

And Blink smiled. "Same here. I just couldn't help myself...You're so fucking cute, I just...I could kiss you all night."

"Please do," Michael breathed, turning towards him. Blink smiled as their lips met again.


Sean clicked the door shut behind him as Tony stumbled ahead of him, flopping onto the floor and leaning against the bed in Blink's room. It was dark, with one small, square window, barely large enough to let in an inch of sunrise. Sean wondered how such a huge fairy could have lived in such a realm of dark

He cleared his throat. "You passing out?"

"Naaah," Tony drawled.

"Good, because I'm not taking care of you."

"I don't think I'd want you taking care of ANYONE. You'd probably kill kids you babysat. Deliberately!" Tony then laughed. "True evil lives in very few; if I took church more seriously, I'd think you were Satan."

"Plus I'm a fag, Luigi," Sean snorted. "So I fit the bill of what your parents hate."

"You mean me?"

Sean paused. Was this gonna be one of those weird drunken confession things? "What the fuck does that mean?"

"My dad..." Tony trailed off, looking absolutely wasted. "Hates me. He thinks I'm gay with Mush!" He giggled.

"Mush is so gay he makes everyone around him gayer," Sean said.

"Nuh uh. I'm not gay." Now he sounded childish.

"I'm not so fucking sure of that."

"I'm not!" Tony reached over and shoved Sean. Sean stumbled, drunkenly, and for some reason this deeply embarrassed him. Sean growled. Tony was drunk, and apparently aggressive, but still, he didn't like being shoved.

"Don't shove me, Luigi," he snapped.

"Why not?" Tony mumbled drunkenly. "Whatcha gonna do about it...runt?" He shoved Sean again.

Sean shoved back, and Tony fell back against the bed. His hair was a mess and his shirt was rumpled now. It was irritatingly sexy, seeing him all disheveled like that.

Sean considered just going in for a bite on his neck or pushing his palm into Tony's inner thigh...but Tony was drunk. And Sean was an asshole, but not the kind of asshole who took advantage of drunk guys who didn't know what they wanted.

So he wouldn't do anything.

Unless Tony did first.

"Don't. Touch. Me," Sean said through his teeth, opting that over any physical contact.

"Ugh...fine. I'd kill you anyway. And your parents would sue me and I'd have to deal with that."

"Or I'd kill you and your parents would sue Jack and his mom, and I wouldn't care."

Tony looked at him, squinting his eyes. "You barely look like a guy anyway..." He said, his voice going quiet. "Your lips are all...girly. Are you a girl?"

"Fuck you!" Sean snapped. "I'm sexy as hell."

"Yeah, sexy like a girl!" Tony answered. "I mean, lookit you..." He reached forward, to Sean's hair. "Like a girl's, see? An' your lips..."

Sean felt a kind of pounding in his chest. "What about my lips?"

"They're like..." Tony went to move again, but fell. Fell closer to Sean. "Like...pouty. Like a girl's..."

"Fuck you. My lips are awesome." It was a struggle not to smirk. Tony was staring at his lips. Staring. Almost salivating. Sean tried to think of something else to say, but he felt oddly...tentative. Which was annoying.

"Nuh uh..." Tony leaned in, breathing against his skin. Sean could smell the beer on his breath. "You look like a girl...close up, too."

Sean's hand itched to grab Tony's arm, to pin him to the bed. But he didn't. Instead he said, "Get the hell out of my face."

"Fuck you," Tony answered. "I'll do whatever the fuck I want."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"It means I do what I want," Tony answered.

"And what do you want, rich boy?" Sean asked, raising an eyebrow. "Because in our short acquaintance, I don't think I've ever seen you get off your ass to do anything on your own."

"You don't even know me..." Tony wasn't talking very loudly now. He was just watching Sean's mouth. He took his hand and tapped his finger lightly on Sean's forearm. "Skin soft like a girl's..." he murmured.

Sean considered a remark. But Tony was getting closer and closer and Sean's breath hitched and he was suddenly nervous.

For a moment.

But it was nothing.

"I'm just gonna...try to...it's not...anything--" Tony cut himself off by pressing his mouth against Sean's.

Sean had just enough presence of mind left to pull away. "You sure you want this, straight boy? I don't want you regretting this in the morning." Tony blinked. "I mean it," Sean said, trying to sound less...'mean'. "Now's the time to back out, cause," he swallowed. He was feeling the drunkenness as he tried to find the right words. "I'm just saying. You sure?" Sean was glad no one he knew was around. He was being WAY too nice. And what was weirder was that...he kind of wanted to be nice?

"I do what I want," Tony repeated, and kissed him again. Sean kissed back this time, and finally let himself grab Tony's arm, press him against the bed. Tony squirmed underneath him for a second, but not in an attempt to pull away. Actually he seemed comfortable. Excellent.

Sean shifted over, straddling him, a knee on either side of Tony's legs. He gripped Tony's shoulders and kissed harder, glad Tony was kissing just as fiercely--just like Sean had figured he would. And when Tony finally stopped for a second, Sean moved and kissed his jawline, then further down, his neck. He had to admit it, he loved Tony's neck. And when he began to suck on it, nibbling slightly, Tony exhaled sharply and hissed something in Italian.


Sean didn't know what he fuck it meant, but it was sexy as hell.

As Sean kissed and kissed and bit at this Italian rich asshole who represented everything that Sean hated more than the usual stuff he hated, there was something else. A weird comfortable familiar sort of feeling. Like Sean knew Tony's lips incredibly well.

They kept kissing, for a long time.

And for lack of a batter word, Sean decided it was: awesome.

"...kiss like a girl..." Tony murmured into the air.

"Whatever," Sean mumbled. He didn't care if Tony thought he was a girl, it didn't matter at the moment. Not until they had their pants off, anyway. He went back to Tony's neck, and Tony ran his hands up and down Sean's back rhythmically, slipped them under Sean's shirt. His hands were warm. Sean responded in kind, tugged Tony's shirt up, and finally over Tony's head. And oh, god, Tony's chest...Tony was everything that was sexy about the male body. Sean wasn't sure he could imagine a sexier torso.

"Hot damn, Italiano, you work out or what?"

"Mmm..." Tony was playing with the hem of Sean's shirt now. "Take it off."

Sean was torn between snapping that he didn't take orders and doing as requested. And in the hopes of getting further with Tony, he pulled his own shirt off. "Not like a girl?" Sean mocked.

"Good enough." With surprising confidence, Tony tipped his chin up to lick at Sean's nipple.

Sean sucked his breath in a little, and grinned. "Eager little heterosexual," he said. Tony either ignored him or was too gone to hear a word anyone said. He took a handful of Tony's hair, yanked his head back, and kissed at his neck, again, and Tony let his fingers play with Sean's nipple, still writhing underneath Sean.

And Sean could feel a stiff erection poking through Tony's expensive, tailored pants. He trailed his hand down Tony's torso, and...

And Tony burped.


And vomited on the carpet.

Like, everywhere.

"Oh you're fucking kidding me," Sean snapped.

"I don't..." Tony started, but stopped abruptly.


But it was too late, and Tony hurled again, this time directly on to where both of their discarded shirts were lying. "Oh, fucking Christ," Sean snapped.

"I don't feel so good," Tony mumbled again, sounding weaker now. "Uhng...Where's...where's Mush?"

"Yeah, good question." He looked down at the vomit, as Tony wiped at his mouth. The downside was that he was no longer turned on at all. The upside was that it wasn't in his room. He stood up and opened one of Blink's drawers, and found the least glittery, flamey shirt he could.

For himself.

Tony got a pink shirt with silver glitter snowflakes. Why the fuck Blink owned it, he didn't know.

"Put this on, lightweight, and we'll go find your boyfriend."

"I'm not gay," he mumbled, trying to pull the shirt into place.

Sean snorted. "You're the faggiest fairy I've ever met. Come here."

He hoisted Tony up by the collar of the pink shirt and dragged him out of the room, sort of trying to keep him steady so he wouldn't throw up anymore.

"BLINK!" Sean yelled at the top of his lungs. He ignored the stares aimed in his direction and continued dragging Tony around.

"Noo, don't..." Tony whined.

"Pipe down." He spotted, out the window, Mush and Blink kissing out on the porch. Ah.

"Gross," he sneered, and stormed over to the door, flung open the door, and shoved Tony directly into Mush's arms.

"Wha?" Mush started.

"He's all yours, lady." Sean saluted, turned and left.

He hovered inside the door, listening, though. "Tony! Oh, god, honey, you...are you okay? What happened?"


"Oh, god."

"I don't feel good..."

There was a long quiet, and finally, Blink said, "You should take him home."

"He can't go home like this, his dad would kill him...and...I'm not ready to leave yet."

"I don't want you to, but...Why is he wearing my shirt?"

"Puked on mine," Tony put in.


"Dunno...upstairs bedroom."

"Oh, son of a...SEAN!"

Spot didn't answer, just smirked.

"Oh, man, I have to go clean...ught, what a little asshole."

"I'm so sorry. He didn't mean to, really, Ryan. I, I'm sorry..."

"Oh, honey, Michael. It isn't your fault. You're perfect."


"Tony!" Michael yelped. "...I should go find David."

"He's at Jack's. I'll walk you over."

When Blink and Mush stumbled through the door, carrying a short Italian who was much heavier than he looked, Sean just gave them a cheeky smile, actually smiled, and watched.

"You. Are. The. Biggest. Dick," Blink snapped.

"It is big, yeah. Better get drunk boy home," Sean said arrogantly, and attempted to saunter off in search of more booze, but he kind of stumbled, too drunk to hide it. Blink glared, and finally sighed and continued to help Mush with Tony (who was mumbling under his breath).

"Sorry," Mush said. "He's really not this bad. He's just...well..."

"It's okay, you didn't do anything," Blink said kindly.

"But he puked! And Tony pukes everywhere."

Blink winced. "I'm gonna kill Sean. He's such an asshole! Gah." He scowled. "Oh, man, my roooom..."

"Where's his shirt, do you think?" Mush asked. "I should wash it for him. He can't wear this home tomorrow." Mush paused. "That's your shirt?"'

"Yes..." Blink waited for the mockery. Mush was very gay, but he didn't look like the type who wore sparkles.

Mush smiled. "It's really cute, I bet it looks awesome on you."

And Blink beamed. Even if he spent an hour cleaning up some asshole's vomit, this was totally the best night of his life. "I'll find his shirt, if you can hold him."

"No problem." Mush propped Tony up against the wall. Tony reeled and fell onto his shoulder, and Mush sighed. Blink hurried off, and found Sean drinking in the hallway. He grabbed the beer from Sean's hand.

"You didn't pay, no more drinking, you ass."

Sean tagged around as they walked up to his room. "He kissed me," he said helpfully.

"You suck."

"Well, someone was going to suck on something, but he puked."

"I wish he'd puked on you."

Sean laughed.

"I used to think it'd be nice to see you normal, you know, with a laugh and all that," Blink ranted. "But nope, no, I liked you better when you glowered and kept quiet."

"Blah blah," Sean yawned. "I'm leaving."

"You're waiting for me to finish grabbing his shirt!"

"But it's gross."

"Shut up!"

"But you're gross too, and I'm around you all the time, and I'm okay--

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU. Oh god..." Blink knelt down, looking at a pukey shirt on the floor. "Oh that's gross, it's everywhere."

Sean maybe had a pang of guilt, but still laughed, and Blink glared. Though, admittedly...Sean looked very different when he was laughing.

Even at someone else's expense in an assholeish way.

Blink winced and found a dry portion of the shirt, picked it up gingerly, and went right to the bathroom with it. He tossed it in the shower and let it run for a minute, then shut it off, shook it, and picked it up again. It wasn't clean, but at least it as less disgusting. "You wanna wash my shirt when you're done?"

"Shut the fuck up," Blink snarled. "I'll burn it."

"I've only got, like, six shirts, you dick!"

"Five now." Even though they both knew he'd never do it.

Sean followed him back downstairs. Tony had his arms around Mush's neck, but it was clearly to keep upright more than anything else.

"Hey, lightweight," Sean said.

"Hey, cazzo," Tony answered drunkenly. Sean wondered what that meant.

"Here. You carry this." Blink dropped the wet shirt onto Sean's arm before he had a chance to pull away, and put an arm around Tony's shoulder. "Come on, you drunk idiot..."

"'M not an idiot..."

"Yes, you are," Mush said. "I turn my back for ten minutes, Tony, and look what you do."

"I didn't do nothin' bad, did I?"

Mush sighed. He gave Blink a pained look. "He really, really didn't mean to, honey."

"I know, babe. I know."

"Gag me," Sean said, as they dragged Tony down the road to Jack and Denise's house.


"This movie is so weird," Jack said.

"It's Taxi Driver, it's a classic," David said.

"Exactly," Denise replied.

"But it's weird. NO ONE is talking to him."

"Ugh, don't even talk," David sighed.

The doorbell rang at that moment, and there was a pause and a dead silence as the three people watching the movie did nothing to indicate movement towards the door.

"FINE, I'll get it!" David snapped, and he hurried off to the door.

Denise and Jack shared a smile.

"Obedient puppy," Denise said.

"Good moms would tell me to treat him like a guest," Jack joked.

"Good sons keep their mouths shut."

David opened the door. Stared.

"Are you kidding me?" he asked.

"Nooo..." Mush said. "I'm sorry..."

"Hey, Davey," Sean said cheerfully, brushing past David and going indoors. David watched him, and looked at Blink and Mush quizzically. "He's in a good mood."

"Don't ask..." Blink muttered.

David sighed. "Tony, what are we going to do with you?"

"I don't feel good..."

"I'll bet." He looked at Mush. "What--"

"I was busy." Mush shifted guiltily.

David raised an eyebrow. "Oh, yeah?" he said archly.

"Tony's not my kid, I have a life, you know!"

"No, you don't."

"I do now..." Mush looked over at Blink. "I hope. I've never had a boyfriend..."

"Me, neither," Blink said.

"GAY!" Tony put in.

"Oh, that is so very helpful, Tony." David groaned, then turned back towards the couch. "Denise, can Jack drive us home? I was going to crash at Mush's tonight..."

"But we're watching a movie," Jack whined.

"That you were complaining about!"

Denise rolled her eyes. "Go on, kids. Will he be okay?"

"He'll be fine. The hangover will serve him right," David muttered

Sean plopped down next to Denise on the couch. "Yo. Are you talkin' to me?"

"You're in a good mood..." Denise said suspiciously. "Don't you wanna drive with the kids?"

Sean sent a second-too-long glance over to Tony, before saying, "Nope."

David looked at Sean with an arched eyebrow, and then at Blink and Mush, both of whom averted their eyes. As if saying anything would be tattling.

David was a mother hen, however, and no one was smarter than a mother hen.

"What did you do?" he asked Sean.

Sean beamed at him. "Nothing."

And Sean smiling was so eery that everyone decided what he did must have been very evil, and not to ask.

"Okaaay, lets go," Jack groaned. "Mom, pause the movie?"

"It's on TV, dear."

"Aaaww...but who's talking to him?"

"You're an idiot," Sean said.

"You're ridiculous," Blink shot back. Then he groaned. "I should get back and start cleaning and try to keep everyone from, like, setting the house on fire...But I don't want to."

Mush hesitated, then dumped Tony onto David and stepped onto the porch with Blink. "So...Ryan...Blink," he said, trying the nickname out. "Blinkee?"

Blink smiled. "Anything you want to call me is fine with me," he said.

"Blinkee," Mush decided. "I, um...I..."

Blink took his hand. "Um. So. You know. I don't have any plans, like...this week, you know."

"Me neither!" Mush said. "We could, like..." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a slick looking cell phone. "What's...what's your number?" Blink grinned and gave it to him. Mush saved it. "So...um, if I called you, would you want to, like, go out or something, sometime?"

"Oh, hell YEAH I would!" Blink said. "I mean, uh..." He shrugged. "I just think I might really like you."

"I think I might really like you too," Mush cooed. "Oh, Blinkee, I'm so glad we met. I can't believe...I've been waiting for you my whole life."

Blink had this odd sensation of being overwhelmed, and yet, completely comfortable. Like he was suddenly living in his dream home, but it wasn't new. He'd always been there.

The door opened behind them. "Come on, guys, Tony's dying and I can't hold him up," David said, dragging him out. "You can see each other again soon."

"Really soon," Michael insisted. "Like, if I don't see you soon, I might die."

"Groooossss!" Tony sang.

"You got that right..." David muttered, dragging Tony and thrusting him towards Mush. "Jack, get the door!" He hollered.

Mush looked at Blink, and Blink looked at him, and they both leaned in at the same time and shared a small kiss, before David took the other half of Tony's weight and they took his body to Jack's car.

Blink watched as Mush, not breaking eye contact with him, plopped Tony into the van, climbed in the back, and drove off.

Then he slowly started to walk home. Feeling like he was floating.

If it were raining, he would sing.


Sean collapsed onto his bed, still feeling buzzed from the party. He yawned. Blink's beer was cheap, but what the hell did he care? It was also free. And anyway, the night had had a lot of ups and downs, but he was in a great mood. He got to make out with a really, REALLY hot guy, he got to fuck up Blink's room, he got drunk. Sure, he hadn't gotten laid, but still. Not bad.

He stared up at his posters. It was weird. He'd never even thought about what a room would look like if it was his, he'd never had one before, really. Now he did...and he liked it. He liked that he could shut the door and shut out everyone, even Jack and Denise. It was private, and it was all his.

Actually, he liked the house, too. It was shabby and messy but comfortable. Denise wasn't too strict and Jack was only kind of an asshole. Living there wasn't the worst. He'd been in so many worse situations...really, this wasn't bad at all.

And the people around...not bad either, not really. Blink was an okay guy. Dutchy was a screw up, but not a terrible person, either. David and Itey, they meant well.

Weird stuff...very weird.

Now if only he'd gotten laid, this would be perfect. He stretched out and made himself comfortable, staring at the ceiling. Then he thought about Tony. Not about the throwing up part, but about the making out.

Sean didn't exactly know how he remembered, but he could still feel Tony's lips on his. He was pretty drunk at the time, and it hadn't been like they were on something gay like a date. It was making out in a bedroom that smelled like dust.

But he remembered it. And he remembered what Tony smelled like, too.

And tasted like.

He glanced around his room, taking in its smell, faint cigarette smoke. No potpourri. He thought of the smell of the living room carpet as he and Denise had watched Taxi Driver.

He thought about how it had all become familiar all of a sudden, behind his back.

Which was weird, because he'd just met Tony.

He groped for his book on the bedside table and found it, but then changed his mind. He hit the lights instead and the room went dark, illuminated only from under the door and around his curtains. He shut his eyes.

It was weird. He was lying here comfortable. Not cold. Not hungry. Not even angry, really. He remembered what Dr. Manuel and Jared and everyone insisted on, that he had friends now, and family, at last.

He rolled over and began to drift off, and his last thoughts were of a hard body and phrases murmured in Italian.

He fell asleep smiling.


AN from B: Wow, so. That's done. It doesn't quite match up with the details in the first chapter of EYDW, but that's the sort of thing that happens when you work on a project sporadically for nine years. And hey, holy crap: we're less than a month from the nine-year anniversary of posting the beginning of EYDW. That's...kind of amazing. And ridiculous.

Anyway. Looking back at this whole 'verse, there are a lot of things I would do different. There are places where the writing (MY writing, to be clear, not Funkie's!) makes me cringe; there are places where the content does the same. But as rough as it is in some places, I honestly can't believe the response this 'verse has gotten over the last nearly-decade. It's been overwhelming and amazing and I'm so grateful to every single person who emailed us, who reviewed, who drew art or commented or even just lurked around.

If you're still reading this after all this time, or have just waded through everything more recently to get to this note, thank you so much for everything.

(And if you've reading this...yes. They do get together in the end. It just takes them a really long time.)


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I'm not sure why, but reading this makes me want to stare at the screen, scream "DAAAH!", and fall off my bed.
In a perfectly positive, fangirly way, of course.

Posted by: sad lizard jackson just wants a friend (queenitsy)
Posted at: August 27th, 2012 03:40 am (UTC)
Newsies: Jack/David fanart kiss

Hahahaha, that seems like a good reaction to me. Thanks!!

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: February 10th, 2013 03:18 am (UTC)

I've been following EYDW universe since I was in high school. I'm about to graduate college now and still checking the live journal! Who knew one story could affect me so much over the course of so many years? I just wanted to thank you for everything you've written. I'm still holding out for Race and Spot, though the story has become so much more than just that.

Posted by: tramvaysedmnact (tramvaysedmnact)
Posted at: February 10th, 2013 10:15 pm (UTC)

I started reading it in high school and now I'm about to graduate college. It's eight years later and I'm still OBSESSED, and still checking in to see if Race and Spot get back together ;) It's amazing the profound effect one story can have on a person's life. I just wanted to thank you for putting so much time/dedication/love into this universe. Sorry it took me eight years to comment.

Posted by: sad lizard jackson just wants a friend (queenitsy)
Posted at: February 18th, 2013 03:45 am (UTC)
Newsies: on a strike motherfucker

Oh wow, thank you so much. I can't believe you followed along for that long - thank you for THAT, it's incredible, and we're both so flattered. ♥

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